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Who Are The Russian River Fly Fishers?

The Russian River Fly Fishers is an organization made up of people of all ages who enjoy fishing with artificial flies and the tackle necessary to fish with them.

Located in Sonoma County, California, the club's roots go back to the summer of 1976 in Norm Sutcliffe's sporting goods store in downtown Santa Rosa.

The Club offers outings throughout the year to places such as 'Hat Creek', the 'Upper Sacramento', and 'Manzanita Lake'. These outings offer good fellowship and a chance to learn and share fishing experiences. The Club's fly casting pond (100'x 180' x 18") was dedicated in May of 1986. Club members meet at the pond to practise and to offer instruction to those wanting to improve their casting skills. The pond is open to the public.

Club meetings in Santa Rosa offer on the spot fly tying, old and new business and discussion, a great raffle, and a featured guest speaker who is often a nationally known angler.

Some Primary Objectives of the Club Are:

  • To advance, promote, practice, and teach the art of angling with artificial flies.
  • To promote, practice, and teach the art of tying artificial flies.
  • To encourage the members and fisher persons everywhere to practice the high standards of sportsmanship long associated with fly fishing.
  • To promote conservation of recreational resources and to protect, conserve, and increase the populations of wild game fish.

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